Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Visual Mihi

This is my visual mihi that I made in Team 5. On the side of my visual mihi but on the top it shows a Tongan flag also it says Tonga cause I am Tongan. On the left corner which you could see it says ''Auckland and Glen Innes'' beacause thats where I live. I live in Glen Innes which that is in Auckland. At the bottom of the last one on the left corner it says ''FAMILY'' because my family are the best people to me. The last one on the right corner it says my name. My name is Finau because my mum named me Finau.


  1. I really like your visual mihi. I also like the pictures you have drawn and the text next to it. Nice job.

  2. Nicely done Finau! I love how much effort you put into you Mihi! You have made it look great!

  3. nice Finau I like it. it very cool lol

  4. Talofa lava Finau,

    I just want to say nice job on your Visual Mihi.
    I love how you added lots of detail about yourself.
    I also love how you added lots of detail about your family and where you live cause it is also a great idea to do that so people around the world knows about your family and you never know your family might be famous one day. Yeah! I just want to say nice job and keep up the good work:)