Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Active Vs Passive

Active Vs Passive

A: Remy distracted the cyclist.
P: The cyclist was distracted by Remy.

A: The cyclist crashed his bike into a car that was parked on the street.
P: The car that was parked on the street was crashed by the cyclist.

A: The cyclist pulled Linguini’s hair in order to move his body.
P: Linguini’s hair was pulled by Remy.

A: Remy commanded Linguini’s body movements.
P: Linguini’s body movement were commanded by Remy

A: Remy opened Linguini’s eyes.
P: Linguini’s eyes were opened by Remy

A: Colette parked her scooter in front of the restaurant.
P: In front of the restaurant her scooter was parked by Colette.

A: Linguini’s cooked the food when Colette arrived.
P: When Colette arrived the food was cooked by Linguini’s

A: Colette sharpened the knives.
P: The knives were sharpened by Colette.

A: Because Linguini was sleeping, he herded Colette’s story.
P: Colette’s story was herded by Linguini who was sleeping.

A: Colette slapped Linguini’s face.
P: Linguini’s face was slapped by Colette.

Here this is what we have been finishing off in our class. We have been given some work to do and we had to fix the mistakes. This called Active Vs Passive and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanx


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