Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Holiday Highlight

My Holiday Highlight

Last Sunday morning we all woke up and we went to have breakfast  then my Mum said early in the morning when it was still night time and we were still sleeping at 2:00am all the power turned off in Glen Innes all the up to penrose and other places there power turned off because there was a problem.

There was a fire at penrose petrol station, we knew because  it came up on the news  in the morning. So early in the morning my Mum lighted a big candle and and put in the  hallway. Then she got a torch and put in my room so I can see probaly. So in the middle of the power turned off we all went to church and when we came back our power came back on. We were so excited to have the power back on. So after we finish eating we went to my aunty house to drop my aunty off and stayed for a little bit then when we came back to other aunty house on flander street in G.I it so dark when got to my aunty house we had to keep lights on our van.

After that my cousins ran to the van because they were scared because it really dark so went my house and we all slept their.

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