Monday, 12 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

Kia Ora! “Today is the beginning of Term 4” “Woohoo”! I hope you enjoy my writing about our Immersion Assembly. "It's So Awesome". Hope Enjoy It!

Survivor - Immersion Assembly

“Woohoo”! “Today is the beginning of Term 4” While we were getting ready for the day the bell rang. Me and my friend May quickly ran to the the street for our morning assembly. While Mrs Tele’a finishing off her notices we were quietly waiting. Finally Mrs Tele’a finished her notices. She then said “Can Room 4 please stand up and walk quietly down to the hall”

Soon as we got to the hall we sat down and quietly waited for the other classes to come and sit down. Finally they sat down and we started our Immersion Assembly. The first team to start was Team 1, then Team 2, after that was Team 3, after Team 3 it was Team 4. Finally it was Team 5. So when their song started I enjoying it so much. When the Teacher got up on the stage they were wearing wearing something to represent their culture.

As Mr Wiseman was telling the story about who’s gonna survive. The teachers had to do a challenge where they had to eat the most noodles in 30 seconds using chopsticks.  It Was So Fun. While the time was counting down Ms Clark just finished her whole plate. When she finished her plate everyone else had to stop eating. Then Mr Wiseman announced the person that survived. And that was Ms Clark.

Then after that Ms Peato came in and said” It’s not fair because I come from Samoa and we don’t it with chopsticks, we eat with our hands.” Then Mesela came in and said “Yeah it’s not fair because I come from Tonga and we don’t eat with chopsticks either.” Then Mr Wiseman asked Ms Hookly.
“What about you?” “ Ohh we sometimes eat with chopsticks in Japan, but it’s not that hard to eat with chopsticks.” Then Ms Ingram said “I don’t really eat with chopsticks because we don’t come from Japan, we just eat with forks, the normal things.”

Then Mr Wiseman announced the winner again, and it was Ms Clark. So Mr Wiseman asked her did she finished plate in almost 30 seconds, Then Ms Clark answered “Ohh it’s so easy to with chopsticks because  my culture, we always eat with chopsticks and that's how I win” “Woohoo” After that, they all cleaned up their mess and walked down the stage and then they finished their show.



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