Thursday, 27 August 2015

Spend, Share & Save

Hello I have a presentation that I would like to show you. This presentation is all about money and what would you spend your money on. Team 5 have been working on this presentation since the last past two weeks. We also have been work on "How can we be Financially Responsible" . It has been awesome work on Trade & Enterpri$e. Awesome and now I have some questions for myself to answer. 
       Here Are The Questions?
1. What are some Responsible / Irresponsible ways in which we use money? 
Responsible Ways, Responsible ways are like spending your money wisely like, if one of your family members ask you for some of your money for like to pay the house then you should really give it  because that is a "Responsible Way".

Irresponsible Ways, Irresponsible Ways is like spending your money on something that you want. Instead of giving some money to your parents to help them pay their things they need.

2. Where are Responsible Financial Habits?
Responsible Financial Habits means spending your money with brain and buy something good. Like, spending your money wisely everyday.

3. What decisions could we make to save money?
There are a lot of decisions that we could we make to save money.But here is one decision that you could make to save your money, you can save your money so you can give it to your friends for a present or to buy them something.

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