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Riverside Camp

Riverside Camp

Day 1
Early in the morning we all arrived into the beautiful place of Willow Park. As soon as we arrived into the outside of Willow Park we all unloaded our luggage's from the buses and the trailers. After unloading our luggage we all moved ourselves into the meeting room that is known as the Rimu room. In the Rimu room Mr Burt talked to us about some few rules and our timetable for the day. Mr Burt and Haere also introduced the leaders that made it to camp to help us for the week. Then he called our names and put us into groups and then sent us upstairs to our cabins immediately to settle our things in and choose what bunks we’re to sleep in. After that we had a few minutes left so we decided to introduce ourselves to our team mates and also our leaders. I was in cabin 11 with Rowana, Tatiana, Olivia, Ana, Saraiah and my two wonderful leaders Paulitia and Atheena. Our group name was called Sorority.

It was time, everyone had to meet back in the Rimu room to start our first game held by Mr Burt’s Daughter, Miss Hamilton. Our first game was Amazing Race. Amazing Race was a really good game because everyone got along, we all worked as a team to finish it off properly and to communicate with each other. It took us a lot of time to finish the race, the winner of the game was the best team Sorority. Sooner on we had biscuits and water for our morning tea while half of the leaders were preparing the gym games for us. When that was set up we all made our way to the gym. The games we played in the gym were Machine Bikes, Shopping, Number Shifter and Sock Game. The most enjoyable game that I played was the Sock Game because our team had to verse Taunese’s Team called PTL. What I liked about the Sock Game was that it was so funny and I really enjoyed the game because we had to pull the other teams socks off and the only thing was that we only had to stay inside this medium circle to be in the game and it didn’t really matter, the winning team was Sorority again. We almost won all our gym games but the only game that we lost in was the Machine Bikes - it was alright though. After all those gym games we went to the beach and finished our day with some fun activities. We then made our way back to our camping area and prepared ourselves for dinner and one more fun game in the dark. For dinner we had chicken curry and rice. After dinner we played a really fun game called the crunchie hunt around the whole area of Willow Park. We had to find hidden crunchies with our torches in the dark. The only thing that was hard for people was that some people had torches and some didn’t have torches like me but we still tried our very best to find some crunchies. It was time for everyone to go to bed but first of all Haare had to announce the winning team, the winning team were a tie and it was Sorority and The Boltz. It was time to sleep. For each cabins to earn $100’s each night we had to do the TTB very quickly which stands for Toilet, Teeth, Bed. Our cabin team also finished off with a prayer each for the night and then we went straight to sleep.

Day 2
Early in the morning around 6:00 just about to hit 7:00, I think my cabin was the first ones to get up and get ready for Jump Jump in the gym leaded by Shane and Gabriel, this was our exercise every morning. After our Jump Jam we had breakfast to make our brain work well. After breakfast we prepared ourselves for sports. Lucky the beautiful sun shined outside so we were still possible to play a lot of sports. Tuesday was like a sport only day. The sports were available for us were Volley Ball, T-Ball, Tag and Touch but we didn’t get to play Touch. I was very proud of my team Sorority because we won all our games and we never lost to anyone. After our amazing sports we had free time. Luckily our team Sorority was the first team to be dismissed by Mr Burt. As soon as Mr Burt called out our team, me and Rowana started sprinting to the gym to the Machine Bikes. After our fun and awesome games we had more fun times. In the evening there was more fun games held by Shannon and the help our leaders. Our evening was messy games. We had so much fun that day made day more happier and gratifying.

The messy games were really enjoyable for everyone mostly. There four rotations of the messy games. I mostly enjoyed every messy games I played. While we playing for the last few minutes and seconds the hooter rang. So everyone had to go for a shower and get ready for dinner. For dinner we had a delicious kai and it was vegetable in taco. After dinner we played this game in the dark called spotlight. I was very scared to play because I didn’t know where to go and plus it was my first time playing spotlight. As the game started I just followed my friends all the way along to the otherside. While we were running we ran to hide because we could hear the leaders running and we could hear people moaning because the leaders had to take their glow sticks off them. Later on I almost made it to the end but just got snapped by Howard. I got snapped like about three or four times. When the spotlight game ended everyone had to meet back for supper. We had biscuits and milo for supper. We then had to do the usual thing TTB.

Day 3
Early in the morning on Wednesday it was the usual thing that we normally  do every morning, Jump Jam. We then go back our cabins and clean up and get ready for the day and when the hooter goes we all make our way downstairs to the rimu room and we all move to the dining room for breakfast. They heaps of options that we could choose. There were rice bubbles, porridge, cornflakes, yogurt with pineapple, weetbix, toast and oats. After breakfast Haare gave chores to all do. There were heaps messy areas to clean and vacuum. Our cabin was already finished and all we had to do was pick rubbish everywhere around outside and also we had to vacuum the Rimu room. It was pretty much a easy job for our team Sorority. After our chores our team Sorority was all ready for our expectations and to do our chants.

It was time show off how clean our room was and how good our chant was to Haere. After our expectations we made our to the chapel. In the chapel we learn all about Jesus stories from the bible. What I learnt about is that Jesus is God and also Human like us Human beings, Jesus can heal us in the inside and outside of us. After learning somethings about Jesus we also sang some spiritual songs and also asked for some blessings in our prayers.

It was raining mostly so we had some fun free time and my favourite thing was only the quad bikes. I was really enjoy the quad bikes with Koula and racing against each other. Minutes later it was time to play some sports but it canceled because of the rain. It was a bad weather that day. We were so unlucky to have sports. Instead of sports we had a lot of time for free time. In the gym there group of boys and girls playing touch and a big of people playing Volleyball in the middle the touch. The still managed to carry on with their games. Later on me and Olivia returned to our cabins to the singing in the heavy rain. After our great times at the beach we made our way back to our normal area and dressed up into our disco clothes. That disco was the best disco I’ve ever been to. We had a few dance competitions and Roimata was one of the winners and also Sateki. After that fun time in the disco we did the usual thing that we always do is TTB.

Day 4
Waking up early every morning and doing the samething all time on Thursday morning, we had to meet in the chapel for more bible stories and some games and also plays that goes with the stories. After our chapel lessons we all returned back to the Rimu room. As we walked outside we could see the sun shine outside on a beautiful day. While the sun was out, I was really happy because I needed my wet shorts to be tried. While there was plenty of time left we had our last time to have fun in free time. As we got sent over for free time, myself and my friends spent our riding the scooters to take up the time of having fun for the last time of free time.

It was time for our next session. In the evening we had the best and craziest time of messy games. The best thing I’ve ever seen in the messy games was the foam machine. There were four rotations of the messy games. My best highlight of the messy games was the foam machine. The foam machine was really cool because we had the best challenges ever and we had a lot of crazy times sliding in the foam machine.

After our blast time of messy games we had plenty of more time to chill and relax with our friends leaders before it was time for our last period of concert practice. As soon as the hooter rang it was time. Bring on the concert night - cheehoo...! But first and finalist thing for the last time, was Dinner! And now it was time to move on. As dinner was finished we all made our ways to the chapel to start our concert. As we walked in there was a huge crowd of families that had come to support. While the MC was speaking, I kept on looking to back. As I looked back I saw Mrs Tele’a and her family. It was time for our team Sorority to perform. While we preparing ourselves in front, I was very nervous. It was time for the judges to make their decisions on how much money we get. So it turned out for the Sorority to win the most money in the concert night out of the girls competition, we won $300’s. Yahhh Woohoo! The best performance prefer is our team Sorority because we all danced to the beat and no-one actually made mistakes and we all took our best shot. It was time for our last time of doing our TTB and our last sleep for us. Our night was finished off with prayers and then sleep time.

Day 5
Last Day Of Camp
I wake up in the morning and I, DAB! The first thing we do is our morning rotations we do every single morning. But the most important thing we had to do was that we had pack up our bags and we had to clean our cabins and make it spotless to earn more money. Everything was finished and spotless in our cabins and the trailers were loaded and ready to go. Before we left we had to thank the camp owners and also the chefs for a perfect week that we all spent together. We also announced the 2 winners of the week, the winners of the was Sorority and Thunders.

It was time to leave Willow Park. I felt really emotional of leaving the Willow Park grounds. That time I just wished that we got to spend more times together with the leaders because we won't see them in a long time. Soonly it was time to leave, we were so sad that we had to leave right away.

Well after all the great memories we all spent together at camp was such an enjoyable time. This years 2016 Riverside Camp was the best camp I’ve been to. The other camps that I’ve been to were cool but, not as great as the Riverside Camp. A massive Thank You to Mr & Mrs Burt for the organization of this wonderful camp and also the staff members that helped out. Also a huge Thank You to Haere, Paulitia, Atheena, Ree, Kathleen, Rachel, Marcella, and other leaders that we there to help us through week. Sure we all had great memories with each other and got to know each better. The good thing was that it was great having bible stories and also us learning more and new things about God in the chapel. We learnt that Jesus is made different from us humans being and that Jesus is God and Human.
Thank for the wonderful Riverside Camp!!!

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