Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Captain Hook

Captain Hook
Once upon a time there lived a man named Captain Hook, he lived in a boat with his two best mates named Jake and Josh in a beach named Buckland beach. Jake and Josh would always do what Captain Hook told them to do like they were his slaves, but no they were Captain Hooks best mates. Captain Hook was a bad man. He always make people cry and his favourite thing to do is stealing people's pressures and good stuffs.

One morning on a rainy day everyone stayed inside their houses, Captain Hook and his best mates were the only people hanging out outside. While they were hanging out outside in the rain they went out for a walk just around the beach. While they were walking around the beach they suddenly saw a pole near a tree that had a sign on it. The sign said Treasure hunt. Captain Hook and his mates were so shocked. As soon as they saw the sign digging beside the tree. While they were digging they definitely didn’t see the Treasure box.

Then they tried the other side of the tree and started digging, but they didn’t see it. So they walked all the way to the end of the beach and tried digging if the Treasure box was there. Suddenly after that they got so shocked that they saw a shiny box right in front of their face, so they quickly pulled it out opened it and it was full of shiny golden stuffs.

After that Captain Hook told Jake and Josh to run and put the Treasure box in their boat before someone comes and caught them.
As they ran to take the Treasure box into their boat there was security car that drove slowly. As Jake and Josh looked at the security car the security car stopped. As soon as the security car stopped they started running, so the security's started chasing them.

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