Thursday, 2 June 2016

Multiplication Tricks

Talofa Lava Bloggers Here is a quick way that my teacher Matua Lewin has taught us how to think of our time tables fast and speedy and we call it Multiplication Tricks because it'a like tricks. It starts from our 0's time tables, all the way up to our 12's time tables. I hope you remember these ways to think fast about you time tables. Hope you get these quick tricks in your head fast and speedy. Hope you enjoy! :)
Multiplication Tricks
0’s - Always 0
1’s - Something times 1 equals the same number
2’s - Doubles
3’s - Double + a set
4’s - Double, Double
5’s - Skip count
6’s - 5’s + a set
7’s - 5’s + two set
8’s - Doubles 3 times
9’s - Finger trick
10’s - Add a zero
11’s - Same number repeated

12’s - Use 11’s + a set

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